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          VOLUME 38 / ISSUE 4

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7 - Percutaneous renal biopsy in children: using smaller needle

Gül Özçelik, Tuğçin Bora Polat, Can Çalışkan, Işın Kılıçaslan, Tülay Olgun

Objective: Real-time sonographic guidance in conjunction with an automated core biopsy system is safe and effective method of performing percutaneous renal biopsy in children. Material and

Methods: We determinate the diagnostic adequacy and complication rates using smaller needle (16 gauge). Biopsies were performed on a total of 82 patients; 24 patients using 14 gauge needle (group 1) and 58 patients using 16 gauge needle (group 2) with an automated core bi-opsy device in the Department of Pediatrics at Şisli Etfal Hospital. Vital parameters have been observed 24 hours after biopsy.

Results: Adequate tissue for diagnosis was obtained in 21 of 24 patients (87%) in group I, and 54 of 58 patients (93%) in group 2. A total of 7 complications occurred in group 1 (29%), consisting of 1 perirenal hematom and 6 macroscopic hematuria and 12 complications occurred in group 2 (20%) consisting of 2 perirenal hematom and 10 macroscopic hematuria. Sample adequacy and complication rates were not significantly different between the two groups.

Conclusion: We assumed that the use of smaller (16 gauge) needle with an automated core biopsy system under real-time sonographic guidance would also provide low complication rates and adequate tissue for diagnosis in children.

Keywords: percutaneous renal biopsy, automated core biopsy, 16 gauge, children

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