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          VOLUME 38 / ISSUE 4

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5 - Comparison of recovery characteristics of remifentanil in balanced and intravenous anaesthesia

G. Ulufer Sivrikaya, Halis Enhoş, Ayşe Hancı Hale Dobrucali, Sevtap Hekimoğlu

Objective: In our study, we aimed to compare recovery characteristics of remifentanil with sevoflurane in balanced ana¬esthesia and with propofol or midazolam in intravenous ana¬esthesia.

Study design: After the approval by the Medical Ethics Committee of the hospital, 45 patients in ASA l-Il physical status were enrolled the study and randomized to three groups. Remifentanil, rocuronium and sevoflurane in Group S, propofol in Group P, midazolam in Group M were used for anaesthesia induction and maintenance. Recovery was evaluated with times to spontaneous respiration, adequate respiration, response to commands, extubation, orientation-coopération and Ste-wart Scoring System.

Results: Recovery was similar between groups (p>0.05). Stewart score was significantly lower at postoperative 15. and 30. min in Group M compared to Group S (p<0.05). But this difference was not found clinically significant. 2 patients needed flumazenil in Group M.

Contusion: Since the patients are unconscious peroperatively, this period is not remembered, but the recovery is considered important for a quality anaesthesia, because the patients are getting conscious. Remifentanil is a new short acting opioid agent which provides rapid and smooth recovery when used with sevoflurane as an inhalation agent and propofol or midazolam as intravenous agents. Our results seem to sup¬port these datas. In conclusion; the effects of remifentanil were similar when used with sevoflurane for balanced anaesthesia and with propofol or midazolam for intravenous anaesthesia, and calm and comfortable recovery was provided in all three groups.

Keywords: Remifentanil, sevoflurane, propofol, midazolam, recovery.

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