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          VOLUME 38 / ISSUE 3

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11 - Diagnostic effectiveness of ultrasonographic morphologic scoring, serum CA125 level, color Doppler sonography and peritoneal cytology for malign- benign differentiation of the adnexal mass

Meltem Tekelioğlu, Emin Zeybek, Yavuz Tahsin Ayanoğlu

Objectives: To identify the diagnostic effectiveness of ultrasonographic morphologic scoring (UMS), serum CA125 level, color Doppler sonography (CDS) and peritoneal cytology for malign-benign differentiation of the adnexal mass.

Study design: The outcomes of UMS, CA125, CDS and peritoneal cytology of 74 patients with adnexal mass (46 premenopausal and 28 postmenopausal) administered Taksim Tra¬ining and Research Hospital, Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic was compared with histopatologic outcomes. Diagnostic effectiveness of each method was assesed with sensitivity, specifity, negative predictive value, positive predictive value and total diagnostic value.

Results: It was found that UMS, serum CA125 level and CDS had very high sensitivity. Because of lower positive predictive values with UMS and CA125, combination of these méthodes with CDS gets higher the diagnostic effectiveness.

Conclusions: CDS alone was found enough to identify post¬menopausal adnexal malignity. Also CA125 was found very effective. UMS should combine with CA125 or CDS in this group. As a result of lower positive predictivity of CAI25, CDS should add to UMS in premenopausal group. Peritoneal cytology was not defined as an effective method in this study.

Keywords: Adnexal mass, Ultrasonographic morphologic scoring, CA125, Color Doppler sonography, Peritoneal cytology

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