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          VOLUME 38 / ISSUE 2

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6 - The evaluation of the skin hemangioma patient

M. Arslan, A. N. Karadeniz, M. Karnap, M. Güveli, G. Aksu

Between 1991-1995 years, 25 patients with skin hemangioma applied to Istanbul University, Institute of Oncology for the treatment. These patients were retrospectively analyzed. Radiation therapy for the treatment of skin hemangiomas is spared for the conditions that threating patient life and organ function and if the alternative treatments are unsuccesfull. Mean age of the analyzed patients with skin hemangioma is 4 years old (1 mounth-52years). As a sex, 19 patients are female and six patients are male. All of the skin hemangioma patients applied with skin redness and color changes. %68 of the skin hemangiomas were localized to face region, %/6 trunk and %16 upper extremity. 18 patients with skin hemangiomas were not treated, they were only followed. Three patients were treated with surgery, two patients with sclerosis, one patient with radiotherapy and other one with interferon. All of the treated patients improved and responded to treatment. %6 of the followed patiens improved completely, %56 partially. %32 of the lesion of the followed patients were stabil at the end of the follow. Progression of the lesion was seen at %6 of the followed patients.


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