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7 - Results of inferior oblique muscle weakening surgeries

Semra Hoca, Özge Yabaş, Serra Erbay, Hakan Çiftçi, Şule Ziylan, İnci Daruga

Purpose: To evaluate the effectiveness of surgical tecniques performed for inferior oblique muscle overaction.

Methods: 23 eyes of 15 patients was included in this study. In all patients the angle of deviation was measured with prizm cover test and Krimsky test. Overaction of the inferior oblique muscles was graded from +J to +4 according to the relationship of the pupil with the upper lid. Recession, myectomy or Z myotomy was performed on eyes having +2 to +4 overaction. Complete loss of overaction or +1 overaction at the end of follow up of at least 6 months was considered as surgical success.

Results: Among 15 patients 11 had primary overaction while 4 had secondary overaction. In 13 eyes inferior oblique overaction was combined with horizontal deviation. 14 recessions, 5 myectomies and 4 Z myotomies were performed. Patients were followed for 6 months to 3 years. Surgical sucsess rates were 79% in recession, %60 in myectomy and %75 in Z myotomy.

Conclusion: All three procedures are effective in weakening the inferior oblique muscle. In our study recession was the most successful. Recession tecnique is our choice of surgery because measurements can be made during surgery and re operation is possible if needed.

Keywords: Inferior oblique muscle overaction, inferior oblique recession, inferior oblique myectomy, inferior oblique Z myotomy

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