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          VOLUME 38 / ISSUE 1

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4 - A study of sentinel lymphadenectomy in malign melanoma cases

Soner Tatlıdede, Semra Karşıdağ, Derya Özçelik, Murat Atay, İsmail Kuran, Lütfü Baş

Lymphatic mapping is a method used for determining sentinel lymph node “SLN” which is the first lymph node that efferent lymph canal drained and for searching existence of metasta¬tic disorder, and is still being studied. We used the method of lymphatic mapping on five patients with malignant melanoma for staging and direction the treatment in last 1,5 years, in our clinics. The lymphositography was taken, after perilesioner and intradermal injection of albumin colloid marked with Tc 99m. During the operation, it was decided to excision of SLN which were fixed with Neoprene 1500 and whether to proceed the regional lymph node dissection after pathological study. In our cases, the localization of melanomas were at occipital area, right cruris, epigastric area, left supraclavicular and right lateral plantar area. In the first case, clinical lymphadenopathy could be detected. Regional lymph node dissection were performed first three patients after pathological study. Except the first case which had clinical lymphadenopathy and developed metastases, none of the patients had recurrent disease in 1,5 year follow up period. Lymphatic mapping-sentinel lymphadenectomy study helps decide for proper patient "ion to proceed for regional lymph dissection. Furthermore, it prevent unnecessary operations and reduce morbidity, complication risks and costs. This tecnique which need special equipment and experience has been in use in our clinic in management of melanoma patients.

Keywords: Sentinel lymph node, lymphatic mapping, malignant melanoma.

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