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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 4

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11 - CASE REPORT: Renal celi carcinoma presented with multiple bone métastasés

Ahmet Mesrur Halefođlu, Muhammet Acar, Sami Yakut

Bone métastasés originating from renal cell carcinoma are common and occur either in solitary or multiple fashion with a frequency rate ranging between 25 % and 50 %. In many cases, bone métastasés occur before the primary tumor is diagnosed and after that average life expectancy rate ranges between 12 and 24 months. In our study, we have demonstrated a left renal cell carcinoma presenting with multiple destructive bone métastasés located at the 11th and 12 th dorsal vertebrae, the left alveolar rim of the maxillary bone and the right posterior iliac bone regions.

Keywords: Renal cell carcinoma, osseous métastases, kidney neoplasms.

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