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          VOLUME 43 / ISSUE 2

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7 - Comparison of depression and anxiety in surgical vs natural menopausal patient

Ata Topçuoğlu, Önder Koç, Bülent Duran, Melahat Dönmez

Aim: In this study our aim is to understand the effect of HRT on symptoms of anxiety and depression in natural or surgical menopause period.

Material and Method: Fifty women with natural or surgical menopause who applied to the outpatient clinics of obstetrics and gynecology department of Abant Izzet Baysal University, Izzet Baysal Medical faculty were included in this study. Subjects (n=50) were evaluated into two groups with one group to receive HRT and the other (control group) did not. Both groups underwent sociodemographic information form; Hamilton Anxiety and Depression Scale and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. SPSS for windows 10.0 programme was used for statistical analysis.

Results: Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale test results showed no difference between surgical and natural menopausal women receiving HRT and not receiving HRT.

Conclusions: As far as psychological findings concerned; surgical or natural menopause does not cause statistically significant difference. HRT has no positive effects on mood changes of menopausal women.

Keywords: Menopause, Depression, Anxiety, Hormone

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