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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 4

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4 - The coronary risk factors in the wives of acute myocardial infarction patients

Çiğdem Yazıcı Ersoy, İsmail Bozkurt, Ülkü Kerimoğlu, F. Kerim Küçükler, S. Kerem Okutur, Cemal Bes, Fatih Borlu

Aim: Coronary artery disease is still a serious health problem despite major advances in diagnostic methods and treatment modalities, hi literature positive family history is recognized as an independent risk factor and search for presence of other risk factors in close relatives of the patient is advised. This study was designed to investigate whether wives of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients should also be searched for risk factors along with the close relatives of the patient.

Material and methods: The study group comprised 50 spouses of AMI patients and 50 healthy age gender matched female and married volunteers served as controls. The two groups were compared for the presence of coronary artery disease risk factors. Age, smoking habits, body mass index, arterial pressure, and lipid profiles were evaluated in both groups.

Results: In the wives of AMI patients systolic blood pressure was significantly higher when compared to the control group whereas diastolic blood pressure did not differ. Body mass index values were similar between the two groups.Total cholesterol values were significantly higher in spouses of AMI patients when compared to the controls. The number of smokers in study group were also significantly higher when compared to the control group.

Conclusion: It would be advisable to include the wives of AMI patients in the search for risk factors of ischemic heart disease along with the close relatives of the patients for the reason that they share the same life style and living habits of their partners.

Keywords: Coronary heart disease, Risk factors, Wives.

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