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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 4

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2 - Intra-articular sodium hyaluronat injections and results in patiets with gonarthrosis over 40 years old

Mustafa Tekkeşin, Serdar Toker, Şenol Akman, Bülent Aksoy, İrfan Öztürk

Objective: Clinical evaluation of patients with degenerative knee pathologies whom were applied intraarticular sodium hyaluronat injection after arthroscopic debritment.

Study Plan: Arthroscopic debritment was performed in 40 knees of 40 patients in whose medial femoral condyles were found to have chondral pathology in arthroscopic evaluation. II patients were male, 29 were female. Mean age was 55.72 years old.(42-78). If indicated partial menisectomy was also performed. In half of the patients, 3 injections of sodium hyaluronat were performed by one week interval after arthroscopic debritment. For postoperative evaluation, Lysholm scoring was performed in 6th month.

Results: Patients were evaluated with Lysholm scores in 6th.month. Mean score was 89.1 in injection performed group and 61.6 was in the second group. Mean score increase in in¬jection performed group was 45.4 and 16.6 in the second gro¬up in 6th.month..

Conclusions: Sodium Hyaluronat injection after arthroscopic debritment is found to be effective in pain release and for functional situation in the first 6 months but other further evaluations seem to show that this effect does not go on too longer.

Keywords: Arthroscopy, Sodium Hyaluronat, Intraarticular injection.

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