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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 3

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11 - Effectiveness of magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of chemoembolization treatment in a carcinoid tumor case presenting with multiple hepatic métastasés

Ahmet Mesrur Halefoğlu, Kosti Can Çalışkan

Hepatic métastasés due to carcinoid tumors cire highly vascular because they derive blood supply predominantly from the hepatic artery ; thus occlusion of the arterial vasculature nourishing the cancer has been used for palliation for many ye¬ars. Noninvasive imaging modalities especially magnetic resonance imaging has a distinguished role in the evaluation of the effectiveness of chemoembolization treatment by demonstrating various degree of necrosis in the lesions as a result of that treatment. In our case, we presented a 14 year old female who had been diagnosed as having a carcinoid tumor with multiple métastasés in the liver. Having applied intraarterial chemoembolization therapy, we performed magnetic resonance imaging of the liver which demonstrated multiple métastasés of varying sizes in the liver They showed either minimal or no enhancement due to necrosis. Thus we can agree that magnetic resonance imaging can he used to check the results of chemoembolization treatment as a reliable and noninvasive modality.

Keywords: Carcinoid tumor, Magnetic resonance imaging

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