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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 2

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5 - The incidence of retinopathy among premature babies and zone-grade relationship in ROP diagnosed eyes

Aytekin Apil, Hasan Vatansever, Ersin Oba, B.Buğra Akdemir

Objective: To identify the Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) incidence in premature babies according to gestational week and gestational weight, and to determine the relationship between zone and grade.

Methods: 1050 eyes of 525 babies with birth weight ranging from 540 to 2650 gr, gestational week ranging from 26 to 36 weeks were included in this study.Pupils were dilated with topical %0.5 cyclopentolate and %2.5 phenylephrine before examination of ocular fundus using indirect ophthalmoscopy with scleral depression. Babies were divided into two groups according to gestational week and weight and ROP incidence was found in each group. Zone and grade relationship were also detected in affected eyes.

Results: Overall incidence of ROP was 219 of 525 eyes (%41.7) and 41 babies (%7.8) were referred to Ophthalmological Department of Istanbul Universities of Faculty of Medicine for further treatment.Threshold disease was found in eyes of babies greater than 34 gestational week and 1680 gr of gestational weight.There was ROP in all babies less than 750 gr but over 2000 gr ROP was observed in two of 28 babies..Overall ROP was detected in 428 eyes.Among these eyes, the most frequent regression of ROP was from grade II in 188 eyes (%43.92) and regression was seen most frequently in 291 eyes in zone III (%67.99).

Conclusion: There are different results of many studies about ROP incidende according to gestational week and weight. The threshold disease is mostly seen in low birth weight and week premature babies. But very rarely it may be also seen in babies over 2500 gr of weight. Our study shows that it is impossible to draw confidently the upper border of gestational week and weight of ROP during examination.

Keywords: Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)

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