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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 2

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3 - Neutrophil hypersegmentation in iron deficiency anemia

Serpil Düzgün, Yıldız Yıldırmak, Feyzullah Çetinkaya, Günsel Kutluk, Metin Uysalol, Merih Akışık, Reyhan Yıldırım

Objective: Neutrophil hypersegmentation is an expected pe¬ripheral blood smear finding in megaloblastic anemias. Cli¬nical reports suggest that neutrophil hypersegmentation may also occur in patients with iron deficiency anemia. In this study we searched presence of neutrophil hypersegmentation in patients with iron deficiency anemia but have normal vitamin B12 and folic acid levels.

Study Design: The subjects (n:123) were divided into two groups : the patients with iron deficiency anemia constituted Group I (n:l()2), and the healthy controls Group II (n:2l). The average ages and sexuality of both groups were comparative.

Results: Hypersegmentation was found in 30.4 % of Group I and 9.5% of Group II (p<0.05).

Conclusion: These results show that neutrophil hyperseg¬mentation may also be seen in patients with iron deficiency anemia.

Keywords: Iron deficiency, anemia, neutrophil hypersegmen¬tation.

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