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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 1

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12 - Aspiration pneumonia due to congenital maxillopalcıtomandibular fusion (A case of difficult intubation)

Sibel Oba, İnci Paksoy, Kemal Uğurlu, Levent Yılmaz, Oya Hergünsel, Sabriye İmamoğlu

A there years old boy was admitted to our department after an emergency tracheotomy performed at Emergency Unite; because of alteration of his consciousness and cyanosis. At initial examination micrognatia and underdeveloped growth were observed. There was only ~1 mm of mouth opening. 150/min heart rate, 80/50 mmHg arterial blood pressure, tachypnea (40/min) were noted. The arterial blood gas analysis showed hipoxia and hipercapnia. Because of aspiration pneumonia and acute cardiac failure, the patient was ventilated and treated with antibiotherapy, bronchodilatators and digoxin. After 15 days of treatment the patient had an osteotomy because of maxillopalatomandibular fusion and ~1.5 cm mouth opening was obtained. Later, tracheotomy was decanulated. Maxillopalatomandibular fusion is rare anomaly which presents difficult intubation problem. Our case constitues an example of successful intensive care treatment in maxillopalatomandibular fusion anomaly.

Keywords: Maxillopalataomandibular fusion-aspiration pneumonia-intensive care- difficult intubation.

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