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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 1

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9 - Control of pain with patient control analgesia following-up major abdominal cancer surgery

Ayda Başgül, Levent Yılmaz, Ayşe Hancı, Sibel Oba , H. Fatih Korkmaz

Objective: The aim of the study was to compare interr, IV tramadol dose regimens with and without a mainte tramadol infusion in the treatment of postop eratifpain.

Study Design: Thirty six patients (aged between 45-82 ASA class 3,4) undergoing major abdominal cancer si were entered in to the trial. It was given general anaes and patients were divided into two group postoperativ group 1, only PCA was given and in group 2 both PC. IV infusion of 5 mg/h tramadol were given. ALL of the ents demand dose was 20 mg tramadol no loading dos used, lockout time was 15 min. The results of the two g when the patients extubated with VRS and 24 h after si with give point scale were compared by chi-square tes unpaired t-test.

Results: Consumption of tramadon in group 1 was 4012 and in group 2 was 413.33 mg. There was no statistical rence between groups. There were sometimes moderate in 35 of 36 patients, only one patient have sometimes si pain suffering in the first 24 hours of postoperative.

Conclusion: Both tramadol PCA and PCA plus tramad fusion produced sufficient analgesia with minimal side e in PCA after major abdominal surgery.

Keywords: PCA, tramadol, postoperative pain

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