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8 - Surgical approach to thorax injuries

Ali Kalyoncu, Uygar Demir, Halil Coşkun, Mehtap Dinç, Tülay Eroğlu, Mehmet Mihmanlı

Objective: In this study, the cases with thoracic trauma whom had applied to a training hospital were evaluted and morbi¬dity and mortality rates of the injury were def ined.

Study Design: Between January 1995 and June 2001, 146 patients with thoracic trauma whom applied to Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital Surgical Emergency Unit were evaluated retrospectively due to age, sex, type of injury, clinical symptoms, therapy, morbidity and mortality rates.

Results: Thoracic trauma occured in 105 cases (72%) by pe¬netrating injury and in 41 cases (28%) by blunt mechanisms. In 29 cases (20%) isolated haemothorax, in 66 cases (45%) isolated pneumothorax and in 51 cases (35%) haemopne- umothorax were established. 133 cases (91%) were treated with tube thoracostomy and thoracotomy required in 13 cases (9%). Additional abdominal injury was established in 14 ca¬ses (9,5%). In post-operative period, complications were oc¬cured in 20 patients. The most common complications were pneumonia and athelectazia. Morbidity were observed in 4 cases.

Conclusions: As a conclusion, we have considered that ideal approach to cases with thorax injuries; first step theraphies should made in trauma centers, advanced studies and theraphies should made in thorax surgery centers.

Keywords: Thorax injury, penetrated trauma, blunt trauma, morbidity, mortality.

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