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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 1

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7 - Comparison of hemodynamic and recovery characteristics of fentanyl and remifentanyl in tiva during intracranial procedures

Sabriye İmamoğlu, İnci Paksoy, Sibel Oba, Surhan Çınar, Özgür Özbağrıaçık, Levent Yılmaz, Metin Bektaş

Objective: During anesthesia, we investigated the infusion e- mifentanyl a very short effective opioid promides or not, eno¬ugh hemodynamia and short postoperative recovery in intrac¬ranial procedures compared with fentanyl, a moderate opi¬oid.

Study Design: After the approval by the Medical Ethics Com¬mittee, 30 patients in ASA I-II were obtained in to study. TIVA was done with fentanyl / propofol and remifentanyl / propofol to Group I and II respectively after required monitorisations. The hemodynamic measurements of patients were recorded from beginning of anesthesia until fifth minutes postoperative extubation. Recovery was assessed with Ramsey Scores.

Results: Mean arterial pressure was found lower than begin¬ning in remifentanyl group during the period from induction until surgical incision, but it was significantly higher in fen¬tanyl group. Heart rate significantly decreased in induction and continued low during operation. No significant difference was seen on heart rate in fentayl group when compared to be¬ginning. There was not any difference in Ramsey Scores bet¬ween groups. (pO, 05) The dose of propofol was sign ificantly higher in fentanyl group when compared with remifentanyl group. (pO, 05)

Conclusion: Remifentanyl was thought as a preferable agent in intracranial procedures because of it. inhibits reflex. Responses as pain stimulus, hypertension, tachycardia and has no accumulative affect, and has short orientation period and is cost effective due to less hypnotic requirements.

Keywords: TIVA, remifentanyl, fentanyl, hmodynamic sability, recovery.

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