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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 1

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6 - Importance of lipid peroxides in pathogenesis of preeclampsia

Nezaket Eren, Şebnem Ciğerli, Berna Aslan, Ela inan

Sisli Etfal Hospital, Biochemistry and Clinical Biochmistry Preeclampsia is an endothelial disease of which pathogenes and etiology is still an open question. Today, preeclampsia the major reason of fetal immaturity, premature births ar, maternal deaths. Reasons of the endothelial damage in preei lampsia are low blood protacycline levels, low plathelet ci unts, increased lipid peroxidation. This leads to exceed th capacity of the antioxidant systems of the body. The aim i the study was investigate the reletionship between plazma I pid peroxide level and pathogenesis of preeclampsia. Oi study groupconsisted of 40 preeclamptic preganacies and 2 healty pregnant women, whom we have primarily measure plasma lipid peroxide level and secondarily measured serui cholestrol, triglyceride, uric acid, total protein, albumin, bit od plathelet count, hematocrit, and fibrinogen levels. We use Thiobarbituric acid method. In this methon malodialdehidt end product of the lipid peroxidation, reacts with thiobarbut, ric acid and produces pink reaction end product. We have observed that plasma lipid peroxide level showed blood pressure dependent increase, where both diastolic an systolic blood pressures were highly correlated with lipid pe roxside levels (p<0.001, rl= 0.79, r2= 0.83). We have als. observed that lipid peroxide levels in preeclamptic prcgnanci es were significantly higher than that of the healty pregnar subjects (p<0.0001). When we clasified the peeclamptic pati ents according to the severity of the desease, as mild and se vere, the higher increased was found in the severe preeclamp tic group. Considering the information that in preeclamptic patients li pid peroxides indirectly caused endothelial damage by affec ting the prostaglandin metabolism, distrupt the platele membrane and lead to vasocontriction. We have conferrei that, lipid peroxides may make a contribution to the develop ment of disorders primary symptoms that is hipertention.

Keywords: Preaclampci, Malodialdahide, Lipid peroxides.

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