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          VOLUME 37 / ISSUE 1

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2 - The microbiologic effect of digital cervical examination

Ahmet Varolan, Ali Yazgan, Aslıhan Arıöz, Ayşin Aras Altın, İnci Davas

Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine whet¬her digital examination introduces vaginal organisms into the cervix.

Study Design: Thirty-five women with reported ruptured membranes at >34 week gestation underwent a sterile specu¬lum examination and a standardized, semiqualitative, semi- quantitative endocervical culture before and immediately af¬ter digital examination.

Results: Cultures taken before digital examination demonst¬rated a mean of 2.8+1.7 different types of organisms, whereas cultures taken after digital examination demonstrated a mean of 4.4±1.5 different types of organisms (p<0.0001). Twenty eight patients (80%) had heavier growth or a greater number of different organisms in the post examination culture than in the pre examination culture. The state of the fetal membranes (ruptured as opposed to intact) did not alter these relations. Conclusion: An immediate effect of digital examination is the introduction of vaginal organisms into the cervical canal.

Keywords: Cervix, digital examination, rupture of membranes.

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