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          VOLUME 36 / ISSUE 4

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12 - A giant orbital rhabdomyosarcoma case

Kemal Uğurlu, Ayşin Karasoy, Soner Tatlıdede, Aydın Canpolat, Hale Dobrucalı, Lütfü Baş

Fifteen years old male patient who was operated because of an infraorbital rhabdomyosarcoma and who received chemotherapy and radiotherapy after the tumor relapsed, admitted to our clinic. The tumor invaded all of right side of the patient‘s face in one and half years with its 20x25x10 cm. size and 4.5 kg. mass extending to cranial base and its outer surface was necrotic and wormy. A fter the resection; the defect was repaired with a local scalp flap and split thickness skin graft. In postoperative period, the patient nourished via gastrostomia and the patient‘s general health status improved rapidly. Tumor relaps was not seen in early period. In the postoperative 2 months, infection in gastrostomia region, peritonitis were detected, and the patient who was treated throughout 7 day in intensive care unit, died because of sepsis and metabolic insufficiency upon that serious infection.

Keywords: Rhabdomyosarcoma. orbita. giant

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