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          VOLUME 43 / ISSUE 2

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3 - Comparison of the effect of transdermal and intranasal estrogen treatments on serum hormone and lipid levels and mammographic densities in surgical menopause

Ayşe Pınar Palan, Alparslan Baksu, Şenol Çelebi, Tamer Gültekin, Zehra Ince, Nimet Göker

Objective: To compare the effects of transdermal estradiol hemihydrate gel and intranasal estradiol hemihyrate spray applications on serum hormone and lipid values and mammographic density in surgical menopause patients.

Material and Method: A total of 58 surgical menopause patients who admitted to Menopause Policlinic in Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital Obstetrics and Gyneacology Clinic was included in our study.

Patients were divided into three groups: Group 1 (n=20) received Estrava transdermal gel (estradiol hemihydrate 3x0.5 mg/day), group 2 (n= 20) received intranasal spray (estradiol hemihydrate 2x150µg/ day), group 3 (n= 18) was accepted as the control group.

The differences in mammographic densities before and after the treatment of the patients were evaluated according to the Wolfe Scoring System. The serum levels of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, trigliceride, FSH, LH, E2, TSH, testosterone, cortisole and DHEAS were evaluated at the same time periods.

Results: The level of serum estradiol after the treatment in transdermal gel and intranasal spray groups was significantly higher than before the treatment (p= 0.003, p= 0.0001). There was no statistically significant difference in the mammographic densities before and after the treatment in the transdermal gel, intranasal spray and control groups (p>0.05).

Conclusion: In our study, both transdermal gel and intranasal spray groups proved to increase serum estradiol levels whereas there was no difference in terms of mammographic densities of the groups according to control group.

Keywords: Transdermal estradiol, intranasal estradiol, mammographic density

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