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          VOLUME 36 / ISSUE 4

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4 - A comparison of three different antibiotic combinations in the treatment of Bacterial pneumonia among infants

Abdülkadir Göğremiş, Feyzullah Çetinkaya, Günsel Kutluk, Metin Uysalol, Bilge Sertel Tüfekçi

Objective: The diagnosis and the treatment of community> acquired bacterial pneumonia is a serious child health problem in Turkey and many other developing countries. The aim of this study is to evaluate the cost and the effectiveness of three different antibiotic combinations in the treatment of community? acquired bacterial pneumonia among infants aged 2-24 months.

Study design: We enrolled 50 infants (aged 2-24 months) with bronchopneumonia in a randomized-controlled trial of 10 days of treatment with penicillin G+chloramphenicol, ampicillin+sulbactam and seftriakson. We evaluated the clinical improvement and the cost of therapy at the end the study.

Results: The cure rates were similar in each group and the antibiotic combinations in all therapy groups were found effective (P<0.001).

Conclusions: Antibiotic treatment in all three groups were as same as effective. The cost of the penicillin G + chloramphenicol treatment was cheaper in drug price but much expensive in nurse visiting.

Keywords: Infant, bacterial pneumonia, treatment

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