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          VOLUME 36 / ISSUE 4

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2 - The effect of intrapartum glucose to the neonatal asfixia

Mehmet Koç, Ahmet Varolan, Ali Yazgan, Ayşin Aras Altın Eser Ağar, İnci Davas

Objective:We repearclied the effect of glucose on acid base status of umbilical cord on the patients that were given intravenous fluid in intrapartum.

Material and method: Umbilical cord acid-base values were measured by giving intrapartum 5% dextrose ringer lactcit solution and ringer lactate solution without dextrose to the pregnants who have minimum obstetric risk, followed by the Sisli Etfal Hospital 2. Gynecology and Obstetrics Department between 2002 February-2002 June.

Results:The study was started with 158 intrapartum pregnants.22 of them were left out of the studybecause of not matching the criters. There was no statistical difference for the demographic distribution between the two groups of the patients taken into the study. 5% glucose ringer lactat solution was given to the 72 patients and ringer lactat solution without dextrous was given to the 64 patients. There was no significant difference between the levels of cord arterial glucose.(Group 1:92.6 mg/dl;Group 2:86.7mg/dl)Newborn Fastino blood glucose levels Group 1:56.3 mg/dl;Group 2:52.8 mg/dl. Umbilical arter pH values were different significantly between the two groups but there was no statistical difference p=0.08.pC02 avarage was different statistically p<().05.

Conclusion: We think that the solution containing 5% glucose must be preferred much more in the intrapartum intravenous fluid application accompanied with these findings.

Keywords: Glucose infusion, Umbilical cord blood gas. Intrapartum fluid treatment

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