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          VOLUME 36 / ISSUE 3

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11 - The case of breast cancer with atipic metastazes

Yusuf Başer, Mehtap Dalkılıç Çalış, Öznur Aksakal, Ahmet Uyanoğlu, Oktay İncekara, Damla Nur Sakız

Breast cancer is mostly seem in white and juwish race, consisting nearly 25 % at the female neoplasms, whichs incidance is increasing by age and has a long survival, it is a disease in which epidemiological rise factors are blamed in forming it such as family anamneses, early menarch, late menapouse, being the first pregnancy at late ages or never been pregnant uptake of exogen estorogen, radiation, diet and alcohol and may cause death, it can cause to some symptoms like: Clinically painless mass in breast, oedema in skin and prange-like apperence, iilsertaion, aksillary lymphadenophaty. sometimes it can cause to bloody discharge the nipllse or skin retraction, it can spreads directly, lymphatically and hematologically to several parts of the body. It is tried to cure by surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy(related to estrogen, progesterone receptors), radiotherapy. Metastases can occur also under the treatment. Metastases are generally to bone, liver but sometimes also to atypical parts. We aimed to publish a breast cancer, with metastazes in our clinical in the path of current literature.

Keywords: Breast cancer, atypical metastazes

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