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          VOLUME 43 / ISSUE 2

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2 - The retrospective analysis of the acute poisoning cases applying to the emergency unit in one year

Ö. Yağan, B. Akan, D. Erdem, D. Albayrak, B. Bilal, N. Göğüş

Objective: In this retrospective study we aimed to gather one year data about intoxication cases admitted to emergency service, examine their demographic and etiologic characteristics and compare these with literature.

Material and Methods: Cases older than 14 years admitted to Ankara Numune Reseach and Training Hospital Emergency Service between 1st September 2006 and 31th August 2007 because of acute poisoning examined for age and gender distribution, poisoning etiology, prognosis and mortality rates.

Results: 790 (61.3%) of 1288 people who came to the emergency service because of acute poisoning were female. Mean age was 28.5±15.1 years and 31.3±16.3 years in female and in male patients respectively. Most common cause of the poisonings were drugs (58.69%), carbonmonoxide (19.25%), alcohol (8.15%) and mushroom (6.99%). Of all the events 53.1% were attempts to suicide and this rate was 70% in females. While 85.7% of the cases were followed in emergency service, 8% in internal medicine clinic and 6.3% in ICU. For all the patients, mean duration in ICU was 3.77±2.05 days. Mortality rate was found to be 0.31%.

Conclusions: It can be concluded that intoxication is encountered in females more commonly and most common with a drug. The carrying out of urge interventions as possible as early and observation in ICU is of great importance. That is why we are in opinion that the usage of the medicines such as analgesics and antidepressant drugs which are easy to reach should be taken under control.

Keywords: Poisoning, emergency service, hospital, intensive care, retrospective studies

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