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          VOLUME 36 / ISSUE 3

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9 - Antibiotic susceptibility of gram negative enteric bacilli isolated from nosocomial infections

Mustafa Gül, B. Çetin, A. Gündüz, Engin Seber

Objective: This study aimed to determine the antibiotic susceptibility of Gram-negative enteric bacilli isolated from nosocomial infections.

Study Design: Gram-negative enteric bacilli that caused nosocomial infections between June 1998-June 1999 in The Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital were taken in to the study. The anitibiotic susceptibility of these bacilli were determined by disc diffusion method.

Results: The distribution of Gram-negative bacilli were; K. pneumoniae 26 (32.5%), E. coli 23 (28.7%), E. aerogenes 9 (11.2%), E. cloacea 7 (8.7%), K. oxytoca 4 (5.0%), enterobacter spp 2 (2.5%), P. mirabilis 2 (2.5%), P. vulgaris 2 (2.5%), C. diversus 1 (1.2%), C. freundii 1 (1.2%), H. alvei I (1.2%), M. morganü 1 (1.2%), E. sakazakii 1 (1.2%). The nosocomial agents were isolated from the specimens as follows; 57 (71.2%), from urine 15 (18.7%) from wound-abscess, 5 (6.2%) from trakeal aspirate, 2 (2.5%) from blood, 1 (1.2%) from cerebrospinal fluid. The susceptibilities of the strains against the antibiotics were as follows; amoxicillin clavulanic acid 20%, cefazolin 28%, cefodizim 53%, ceftriaxone 60%, cefotaxime 60%, cefepim 68%, gentamicin 61%, tob¬ramycin 63%, netilmicin 64%, amikacin 76%, ofloxacin 76%, ciprofloxacin 82%, imipenem 98%, meropenem 97%.

Conclusions: In our study we determined that the most effective antibiotics were carbapenems, followed by quinolones and aminoglycosides.

Keywords: Nosocomial infection, Gram negative enteric bacilli, antibiotic susceptibility.

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