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7 - Comparison of the CPK-MB values before and after the stress test with coronary angiography results

Haluk Sargın, Mehmet Sargın, Mehmet Çobanoğlu, Mustafa Tekçe, Mesut Şeker, Ali Yayla

Objectives: Many studies state that the serum creatinine phosphokinase-MB (CPK-MB) values increase during cardiac stress test. We aimed to determine the diagnostic importance of CPK-MB values and the results of coronary angiography in patients who have positive cardiac stress test, by comparing CPK-MB results before and after the exercise during the cardiac stress test.

Study design: Our study contained 40 patients who were admitted first Internal Medicine department between January and June 2001 ; that were thought to have coronary arterial disease. 10 of these had coronary angiography. 24 of these patients were male and 16 were female. The mean age was 56,23±10,5 years. The patients were performed Treadmill test using the standart Bruce protocole. Blood samples for CPK- MB were obtained from these patients before and after the first two hours of the test and the results were compared.

Results: When we evaluated the datas, there was a significant difference between CPK-MB values before and after the stress test in the patients who had positive stress test; but there wasn’t in those who had negative stress test. Coronary angiography and ventriculography results of 10 patients, who had positive cardiac stress test, were found normal in two patients, three vessel diseased in four of the remaining eight patients, two vessel diseased in three and one vessel diseassed in one of them.

Conclusions: CPK-MB values in various degrees of ischemia were found different at studies in literature; also increased after the stress test in patients who had positive test results. As a conclusion, we think that these results support the ideas indicating that CPK-MB could be a predictor for the degree of ischemia.

Keywords: creatinine phosphokinase-MB, cardiac stress test, coronary arterial disease.

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