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          VOLUME 36 / ISSUE 3

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6 - Diagnosis of intrauterin growth retardation using by doppler ultrasonography

Muzaffer Başak, Hülya Değirmenci, Mehmet Ertürk, Tuğrul Örmeci, İnci Davas

Objective: We aimed to bring up the predictive value of uterin artery, middle cerebral (MCA) and umbilical arteries (UA) doppler measurements to diagnosis of intrauterin growth retardation (IUGR) of the third trimestr.

Study Design: To evaluate the analysis of uterin artery and MCAIUA resistance index (RI) measurements using by color wave doppler ultrasound in 45 cases of third trimestr pregnancies who are at high risk of IUGR

Results: We estabilished in 5 cases that resulted with IUGR have bilateral diastolic notch of uterin arteries and MCA/UA<1 resistance index values.

Conclusions: We found that bilateral diastolic notch of uterin arteries in IUGR; sensitivity 60%, spesificity 95%, accuracy 91.1% and MCAIUA RI<1; sensitivity 80%, spesificity 97.5%, accuracy 97.5%.

Keywords: Intrauterin growth retardation, doppler USG, uterin artery, middle cerebral and umbilical arteries

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