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          VOLUME 43 / ISSUE 2

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1 - Preoperative assesment and our surgical experience in patients with penile fracture

Burhan Coşkun, Bahadır Ermeç, Nurettin Cem Sönmez, Oktay Akça

Purpose: Penile fracture is a rare condition among urological emergencies. There are benefits of early diagnosis and immediate treatment. In this study we aimed to asses clinical presentation of the patients with penile fracture and diagnostic methods, surgical procedure and outcomes of theraphy in these patients.

Material an Methods: Twenty six patients with penile fracture who had surgical intervention are retrospectively analysed. All patients were treated at our clinic between 1997 and 2007. The data about the history, physical examination, imaging modalities, the findings at operation and follow up of the patients were collected from medical records.

Results: Penile fracture developed during sexual intercourse in 16 patients, while 5 patients had penile fracture during masturbation and 5 had penil fracture because of rolling from bed. All patients diagonised with history and physical examination. Circumferantial subcoronal insicion applied to all patients. Right corpus cavernosal injury was detected in 15 patients, left sided injury was detected in 10 patients, one patient had injury in both corpus cavernosum with urethral injury. None of the patients developed erectile dysfunction or penile deviation at one year follow up period.

Conclusions: For diagnosis of penile fracture, history and physical examination is usually adequate and there is no need for further diagnostic procedures. Satisfactory results are achived with immediate surgery in which circumferential subcoronal incision is chosen.

Keywords: Penile fracture, surgery, preoperative assesment

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