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8 - Efficacy of optical and pharmacological penalisation in school children

Şule Ziylan, Didem T. Serin, Şafak Karslıoğlu, Ersin Oba

Objective: Occlusion, pharmacological penalisation and optical penalisation have been used in the treatment of amblyopia. Occlusion, the first choice of treatment, continues to be a problem for the child and his family. In this study, the efficacy of optical and pharmacological penalisation with atropine in the treatment of amblyopia has been evaluated.

Study Design: Penalisation with one of atropine sulphate 1% was peiformed on the non-amblyopic eyes of 14 children, aged between 2 and 7. Fixation of the amblyopic eye was enhanced by replacing the glass of the non-amblyopic eye with a piano glass. Patients were examined eveiy three weeks throughout an average follow-up period of 2.6 months. The treatment was discontinued provided stable vision was observed on three successive examinations and the outcome was evaluated.

Results: Visual acuity of the amblyopic eyes was 0.39 on the first examination and 0.71 on the last examination (p<0.001). It was observed that the patients tolerated penalisation and piano glass perfectly.

Conclusions: Penalisation may be a an efficient alternative in the treatment of amblyopia in patients for whom occlusion therapy is a problem.

Keywords: Amblyopia, atropine sulphate, penalisation

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