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4 - Use of intramuscular Midazolam, Meperidine and Morphine combined with Atropine in adult premedication

Müslüm Çiçek, Birsen Ekşioğlu, Ayda Başgül, Ayşe Hancı,Nebahat Sivrikaya

Objective: We aimed to compare the effects of midazolam, meperidine and morphine combined with atropine that used in adult premedication intramuscularly (im) on hemodynamics changes, sedation and anxiety.

Study Design: 200 patients with 17-74 years of age range from ASA I-II groups having elective operation were involved into study. Patients were divided into 4 equal groups with 50 persons, randomly. We determined the four groups as Group 1 (midazolam 0.07 mglkg+atropine 0.01 mg/kg), Group 2 (meperidine 1 mglkg+atropine 0. 01 mg/kg), Group 3 (morphine 0.01 mglkg+atropine 0.01 mg/kg) and group 4 (atropine 0.01 mg/kg). Drugs were given intramuscularly 45-60 minutes before operation. Sedation score, anxiety score, heart rate (HR), mean arterial pressure (MAP), respiratory rate (RR) and adverse effects were recorded.

Results: Sedation and anxiety scores siginificantly decreased in all groups except for Group 4 (p<0.05). HR was increased significantly in these groups except for Group 3 (p<0.05). MAP in Group 3, RR in Group 1 and 3 were siginificantly decreased (p<0.05). In all groups, the most frequently seen adverse effect was the dry mouth.

Conclusions: We determined that im midazolam, meperidin and morphine were sufficient to abolish anxiety in adult premedication. We thought that the appropriate use of atropine should be whenever indication was present

Keywords: premedication, midazolam, meperidine, morphine, atropine.

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