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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 4

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12 - Diagnosis of gestational diabetes in pregnants who are in 24-28 week

Oya Aygün Mutlu, Atacan Sarp, Alparslan Baksu, Almila Bal, Yıldız, Sabri Kartal, Aysel Kalan, Nimet Göker

Objective: To find the frequency of gestational diabetes by searching the pregnants in 24-28 gestational week who come to our policlinic.

Material and Method: Ninety pregnant in 24-28. week are taken for the study. As the risk factors maternal age, parity, obesity, diabetes in study, glucosuri, mort fetus or fetal anomaly, 4000 gr or more fetal weight are taken obstetric USG applied. To every case 50 gr glucose gestational searching test, we apply 75 gr oral glucose tolerance test to the pregnants who have 130 or more blood glucose level.

Results: When the cases searched for the relation ofvthe age and risk factors we see that in the cases who carry the risk factors and more than 25 years old. GDM can be seen much more (p<0,01)in the cases whoose hungry blood glucose level>90 mg/dl we see that 50 gr glucose searching test is %100 positive. And the ones whoose hungiy blood glucose level >130 mg/dl searching vtest positivity is %24.5. When OGTT with 75 gr glucose is applied to the cases who havepositivityin searching test, in six cases take (%27.2) GDM diagnosis. When we search the relation between the HbAlc levels, searching test and GDM we see that in the cases with GDMHbAlc levelsare high.

Conclusion: 50 gr glucose searching test is in rutin tests that applied to the pregnants in 24-28. gestational week. The caseswhoose searching test is positive the diagnosis must be supported with HbAlc levels and pregnants must be followed well.

Keywords: Pregnancy, diabetes mellitus.

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