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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 4

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9 - Effects of spinal and General Anesthesia on hemodynamic and biochemical changes during Transurethral Rejection operations.

Gülnur Zoylan, Sibel Oba, Surhan Özer Çınar, İnci Paksoy, Birsen Ekşioğlu, Levent Yılmaz

Objective: The aim is to compare the effects of general and spinal anesthesia on hemodynamic and biochemical changes during transurethral resection.

Study Design: 30 patints aged 60-80 years old (ASA I- III) who underwent TUR were enrolled. 5 mg diazepame and 500 ml ringer laktate solution were administered as a premedication. All patients divided two groups. Group spinal received 3 ml 0.5 % bupivacaine heavy, group general received standart ¦anesthesia with 5-7 mg/kg tiopentale, 0.6 mg/kg rocuronium and 1.5mcg/kg fentanyl. Anasthesia maintained with 30/70% O2/N2O and 2%sevorane. Hemodynamic and biochemical parameters were evaluated during perioperative and 60 min after posoperatively.

Results: In the group general, MAP decreased before administered irrigation solution‘s time while compare with before induction‘s time (p<0.05). In spinal group, CVP showed a lower value before irrigation (p<0.05). In spinal group, CVP showed a lower value before irrigation than the general group (p<0.05). Conclusion : These findings suggest that spinal and general anesthesia can be considered depend on patient‘s age, amont of prostate.

Keywords: spinal anesthesia, CVP, transurethral resection, General anesthesia.

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