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8 - Changes Of Postoperatif Free And Total PSA Of Patients Who underwent Open Prostatectomy due to BPH Prediction

Serhan Sofuoğlu, Süleyman Özüpekçe, Olcay Çiçekler, Ekrem Yadigaroğlu, Eyüp Gümüş, Cengiz Miroğlu

Objective : To determine the changes of free and total PSA and to find a baseline for PSA value for next observations after open prostatectomy.

Material and Methods : In the last 3 years , thirty patients who undeiwent transvesical prostatectomy, detected BPH after pathology and complying the following criterias are included in this research. For the patients with acute retention, PSA has been measured after 3 weeks from the cystostomy procedure. Patients who are cured due to acute bacterial prostatites in the last 6 weeks, treated with firıasterid for diagnosis ofPBH applied prostate biopsy were excluded from the study. TRUS biopsy has been done to those of them whose PSA level is more than appropriate PSA level in respect of age. PSA level has been measured with monoclonal Tandem R method in all subjects. After open prostatectomy, the measurement of PSA has been done in 3 months later or more, chi-square test was used for statistical analyses.

Results: While it was found that the patients operated on avarage age is 67(49-88) years old, weight of average prostate adenom in the operations is 81.5 g., the average of preoperatif total PSA is 11.8(0.47-54.5) ng/ml, the average of peroperatif free PSA is 1.4 (9.5-0.33) ng/ml, average free /total PSA is 0.12 ng/ml; the average of postoperatif free PSA 0.18(0.05-0.92)ng/ml, average free/total PSA as 0.14 ng/m was found. 89% reduction in postoperatif average free PSA has been observed (p<0.05). Total PSA, 87 % reduction in post operative average free PSA has been observed (p<0,05). The level of baseline PSA after open prostatectomy was detected as 1,3 ±0,99 ng/ml.

Keywords: BPH, PSA, Open Prostatectomy.

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