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6 - The platelet profiles in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and indication for splenectomy

Hülya Tanes Açıkel , Mustafa Yıldız , Ebru Em , Fatih Borlu , Zehra Çağıl

Objective : In our study, our goal was to define platelet profiles in ITP and endication of splenectomy in resistant cases.

Study Design : We observed 9 cases , who hadn‘t seconder thrombocytopenia , were between 18 - 48 ages. 7 of them were female and 2 of them were male. We evaluated, their platelet counts in mm? of blood, platelet counts and morphology in peripheral blood, megakaryocyte counts and morphology in bone marrow,quantitative measurements of antiplatelet antibody. We researched the answer to corticotheraphy of these patients and evaluated the results of elective splenectomy in resistant cases.

Results : In 3 of 9 cases, platelet counts were 4.000- 4 of them were10.000, 2 of them were 35.000- 40.000 mm’ there were %3 megakaryocytes in 1 case, %5 in 3 cases and %4 in the rest 5 cases. Antiplatelet antibody was high in 2 cases. In clinical progress we obseived, vaginal bleeding in 5 of women; Petechiaes, ecchymoses in the rest of patients and epistaxis in 1 of them.

Conclusion : We used corticotherapy in patients who had low platelet profile in ITP but there wasn‘t any improve in 3 of them. After elective splenectomy, they recovered in clinical and laboratory.

Keywords: Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, elective splenektomy

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