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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 4

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4 - Comparison of the effectiveness in Patient Control Analgesia with fentanyl or tramadol

Surhan Özer Çınar, Sibel Oba, İnci Paksoy, Birsen Ekşioğlu, Özgür Özbağrıaçık, Leyla Türkoğlu

Objective : In this study, our aim was to evaluate effectiveness and side effects of tramadol and fentanyl with patient control analgesia after lower abdominal surgery.

Study Design : Forty patient (ASA I-II) aged between 20-60 years who underwent elective lower abdominal surgery were enrolled. A standart general anesthesia was used. Fentanyl and tramadol were administered in group F ve T respectively with intravenous PCA (loading dose was and 100 mg, bolus dose was and 20 mg, lockout time was 10 and 15 minutes, respectively). Visuel analog score (VAS), sedation scores and siae effects were recorded at postoperative 6,12,24 hours. Total consumption of the both dmgs was also recorded.

Results: VAS Decreased continyously in 24 hours. VAS was significantly lower in the group T than group F at postoperative 6 th hour (p <0.05). Sedation scores were similar in both groups Urinary retention was obseived higher in group F (p<0.05). Total fentanyl and tramadol consumptions were 270.1 ±10.9 and 310.7 ± 18.9 respectively.

Conclusion : Fentanyl and tramadol are effective and safe analgesics for use in PCA. We concluded that the lower rate of respiratuar depression for tramadol makes it the ding of alternative to agonist opioids.

Keywords: Postoperative pain, patient control analgesia, tramadol, fentanyl

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