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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 3

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8 - Our Anaesthesia applies between 1977-1989 years in Neurosurgery clinic

Ayda Başgül, Ayşe Hancı, Leyla Türkoğlu, Dilek Tezal,

Introduction: Between the years 1977-1989, we have performed anesthesia for patients undergoing neurosurgical procedures. The 2456 patients who has been given anesthesia in this period are reviewed to recevalvate daily practises and to do self critics of our department.

Material and Methods: Data including patients’ age, sex, operation conditions, anesthetic techniques, application of blood and colloid infusions and intraoperative mortality ratios were retrospectevely researched from anesthetical records.

Results: 2456 patients were included in this study. 173 of them (7%) wer under 1 year of age, 431 of them (17.5%) wer between 1-13 years of age; 1757 of them (71.5%) were between 14-65 years of age and 95 of them (4%) were over 65 years of age. Ratio between female and male was 0.52. 1133 of the cases (46.1%) were emergency and 1323 of the cases were elective. Regional anesthesia technique was chosen only in 0.51 percent of the cases, while general anesthesia was chosen in 99.49 of them. Intraoperative mortality was (0.48%) with 12 cases.

Conclusions: Almost half of the patients who underwent neurosurgical operations were emergency cases and intraoperative mortality ratio was found to be 0.48%.

Keywords: Neuroanesthesia, intraoperative mortality.

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