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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 3

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6 - General observed properties of patients with low grade Astrocytomas

Ahmet Uyanoğlu, Didem Karaçetin, Özlem Maral, Öznur Aksakal, Oktay İncekara

Objective: We studied 65 cases with astrocytoma who came t our clinic between 01.01.1988 and 08.09.1996. Study Design: All 65 patients wer evaluated according to age, sex, histology, symptoms, tumor localization, and diagnosis.

Results: Out of 56 patients, 29 were male (44.6%), 36 were female (55.3%). Youngest was 6, oldest was 72 years of age. Low Grade Astrocytomas were seen with younger age group (children/early adult). 75.4% of the patients had tumors supratentorial, 24.6% had infratentorial. Cerebellum is found to be the most common localization for tumors. Alla patients had received external radiotherapy.

Median follw-up period calculated to be 25 months average follow-up 31.4 months and 5 years survival rate were 32.2%.

Conclusion: Primer intracranial neoplazma account for 1.5% of all malignities and low grade constitutes approximately 15-20% of this group. Although our results show a positive outlokk, due to still happening death case, it is advisable to search for new (advanced) methods of treatment. Primer treatment is still surgery, besides operation, hystological grade, performanca status, type of and technique of radiotherahpy, and dosage of radiotherapy plays a major role.

Keywords: Low Grade, Astrocytoma.

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