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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 2

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10 - Total gastrectomy with and without feeding jejunostomy

Sadık Yıldırım, Hakan M. Koksal, M. Fezi Celayir, Adil Baykan, Levent Erdem, Hasan Tok

Background: Total gastrectomy for curative resection of proximal gastric cancer and in control of severe bleeding from extensive erosive gastritis is still recommended. Operative morbidity and mortality of this extensive gastric resection is reported to decrease with stapler use and feeding jejunostomy. But in recent studies impact of feeding jejunostomy in the patients questioned.

Material and methods: Between 1994-1999fifty-five patients undergone total gastrectomy were included in the study. In 20 patients feeding jejunostomy performed. We compared postoperative oral feeding time, hospital stay, complications in both patients.

Results: Mean time for starting oral feeding in jejunostomy group was 5±2 days whereas in other group it was 3±1 days. Hospital stay was 143 days in jejunostomy group and 10±3 days in non-jejunostomy group. No anastomotic leak encontered in both groups. Jejunostomy tube removed between 7-13 days postoperatively. In 3 patients jejunostomy wound drainage continued for at least 3 days after removing the tube. In one of these patients 8 days elapsed for cessation of the tube wound drainage. No wound complication occurred in non-jejunostomy group.

Conclusion: Feeding jejunostomy is not necessary in most of total gastrectomies. Postoperative complication and hospital stay seems to increase with this procedure.

Keywords: Gastrectomy, jejunostomy.

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