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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 2

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7 - Penicillin Sensitivity Among Children without any History of Drug Adverse Reactions.

Yakup Çağ, Feyzullah Çetinkaya, Günsel Kutluk, Metin Uysalol, Merih Evküre,

Objective: IgE-mediated acute systemic reactions to penicillin continue to be an important clinical problem throughout the world in spite of every kind of advances in medicine. In this study the prevalence of penicillin sensitivity among children without known drug reactions was researched.

Study design: Prick and intradermal skin testing were performed with benzylpenicillol (PPL) and Minor Determinant Mixture (MDM) in 147 children aged 6-13 (mean 8.931.98) years. In addition, sensitivity to some common allergens such as house dust mites and moulds was also tested.

Results: The overall frequency of positive skin reactions was 15.6%. a mild anaphylactic rieaction occurred in a child just after testing with PPL. Some of the children were also sensitive to common allergens but these children were not more sensitive to penicillin allergens.

Conclusions: We concluded that excessive usage of penicillins and other beta-lactam antibiotics may lead to sensitization of children without clinical symptoms.

Keywords: Penicillin sensitivity, Drup allergy, Anaphylaxis

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