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5 - The role of loxiglumide or loxiglumide plus ocîreotide in the prevention of cerulein induced acute pancreatitis

Sadık Yıldırım, M. Fevzi Celayir, Hakan M. Köksal, Damla Sakız, Levent Erdem, Adil Baykan

Background: In all acute pancreatisis models (diet induced, duct ligation and secretogogue induced) similar starting events triggered: acinar enzyme activation within pancreas, it is controversial that severity of acute pancreatitis induced by cholecystokinin (CCK) analogue, cerulein, might be altered by CCK receptor antagonists. In this study we assessed the affect of loxyglumide, a CCK receptor analogue given before induction of acute pancreatisis by cerulein and compared the result when ocreotide plus loxyglumide given.

Methods: Three groups of rat consisting of 30 rats, and 10 control rats included in the study. Group 1 rats were given cerulein subcutaneously, Group 2 rats were given loxyglumide 30 minutes before cerulein injection, and Group 3 rats were given loxyglumide plus octreotide 30 minutes before cerulein injection. After 6,12 and 24 hours of the last cerulein injection 10 rats in each group operated and blood taken for biochemical analysis and pancreas resected for hystologic examination and changes observed were evaluated.

Results: Severity of acute pancreatisis was lower in Group 2 and 3 rats as demonstrated by amylase, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) levels and histologic acute pancreatisis criteria. No difference in severity found between Group 2 and 3.

Conclusion: Loxyglumide shown to decrease severity of acute pancreatitis when given 30 minutes before induction of pancreatitis. Octreotide pretreated with loxyglumide has no supplemental affect.

Keywords: Loxyglumide, Octreotide, cerulein, acute pancreatitis.

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