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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 2

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2 - The comparasion of nerve grafts with vein and reverse vein grafts in repairing defects produced in rabbit sciatic nerves: Experimental study

Sait Dindoust, Kemal Uğurlu, Nuri Arık An, Çağrı Sade, Canan Tanık, Sacit Karamürsel

Object: It is necessary to administer grafts to treat peripheral nerve injuries with wide defect. The graft used in the treatment of peripheral nerve defects must not only make guidence to developing axons towards distal nerve endings, but also provide an active surrounding for regeneration and promotion. Autogen nerve segments can be used as grafts for this purpose. The loss of sensation at the derivation region of the graft and sometimes absence satisfactory length of the graft caused a demand to alternative autolog grafts.

Materyal and Method: Nerve, standard and inside-out vein grafts were used in this study in the repair of achieved defects in the sciatic nerves of rabbits. For this purpose, 3 groups were established containing 12 rabbits each. Nerve, standard and inside-out vein grafts were administered to 4 rabbits Per group and the level of nerve regenerations were evaluated by electrophysiologic and histopathologically at the end of 1., 3. and 5. months. The nerve, stadard and inside-out vein frafts were compared electrophysiologically relating to their latence period and amplitude, and histopathologically relating to their fibre organisation, myelin sheath and conjunctive tissue.

Results: In electrophysiological examinations, conduction via the grafts was observes in all treatment groups. In the group examined at the end of one month, no statistically important difference was observed among the latence periods of nerve, standard and inside-out vein grafts, but the amplitude values of nerve grafts was increased significantly. Latence periods shortered gradually ana amplitud values increased. Nerve regeneration was observed in every circumstance, while lesser axonal regeneration and myélinisation were observed during the early evaluations (1 month), better regeneration, increased and more orderly myelinated fibers were observed during later periods (3. and 5. month ). The vascularisation of nerves was better in inside-out graft treated animals. Myélinisation was similar in nerve and inside-out vein grafts and lesser in standard vein grafts.

Conclusion: No statistical importance was observed between electrophysiologic and histopathologic observations of insicle- out vein and standard vein graft groups during longer periods (5 months).

Keywords: nerve defect, vein graft

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