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          VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 1

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9 - Study Of Von Willebrand Factor in Hypertensive And Normotensive Diabetic Patients

Yahya Öztürk,Taner Baştürk,Bülent Öztürk,Yunus Yılmaz,Murat İçen, Yüksel Altuntaş

OBJECT: Von Willebrand Factor levels, which is an indicator of endothelial damage, were studied in diabetic patients.

MATERIAL AND METHOD: A total of 79 patients, 19 men and 60 women were followed up by the Sisli Etfal Hospital Diabetes Clinic were includud in the study. The patient were divided in five groups depending on the duration and regulation of diabetes and the presence of hypertension and the results were compared statistically.

RESULTS: In the hypertensive groups, von Willebrand factor levels were significantly higher (p<0.05) than the normotensive groups. There were no stasistically significant relationship between von Willebrand factor levels and the duration or the regulation of diabetes (p>0.05 ).

CONCLUSiON: In the development of diabetic angiopathy, disturbance of glucose level regulation does not have a major role by itself, but it is concluded that accompanying risk factor (hypertension) causes endothelial damage.

Keywords: Hypertension, NIDDM, vWF.

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