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4 - ŞİŞLİ etfal hospital anesthesia of cardiothorasic surgery in Our country

Ayda Başgül, Ayşe Hancı

Objective: To supply a safe and confidential document to the persons who are interested in the history of anesthesia and our hospital, we have presented 1092 case who had taken anesthesia for cardiothorasic surgery.

Material and Method: This study was retrospectively worked from our clinic documentation. Data were expressed as mean, median(range) or number.

Results: The age group of the patients was; 27.7% pediatric and 6.31% geriatric, the ratio of F/M was found 0.62. 41.75% of the operation was short duration intervention ander was used in six cases. Massive blood transfusion was performed to 2.47% of the patients. At least one unit blood was transfused to 48.07 of the cases. As a volume expander, dextran 70 was chosen for the 1.28% of the cases.

Conclusion: While the intraoperative mortality rate was 1.09%, postoperative mortality rate in the first 24 hour was found 0.55%. Our results were similar to the literature.

Keywords: Anesthesia, Cardiothorasic surgery, History.

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