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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 1

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3 - Comparison of vein and nerve grafts in nerve defect repair

Kemal Uğurlu, Zafer Özsoy, Ethem Güneren, Çağrı Sade, Halis Enhoş,Tülay Başak

Objective: Wide gaps of nerve injuries are commonly repaired with nerve grafts. Using nerve grafts have significant imperfections like loss of sensation at the donor site and limitations of the donor nerves such as inadequate length thickness. For these reasons, it is wise to search for new alternatives to otologous nerve grafts: and studies on the subject have been carried out worldwide. In this study, results of periferial nerve repair with vein grafts were compared with the results of nerve grafts.

Study Design: Twenty-eight Wistar-Albino rats weighing 210-270 grams divided into two groups as group A and B were included in this experimental study. In 14 rats of group A, a segmental resection of 1 cm was done at the right siatic nerve and this nerve segment sutured to its donor site with 1010 sutures immediately as a nerve graft. In group B, identical nerve gaps were repaired with 1.2 cm long vena jugularis vein grafts by using 1010 microsutures. Both groups A and B were diveded into three subgroups that consist of 4, 4 and 6 rats respectively for histological and electrophysiologic assesments at 1st, 3n> and 5lh months. Both the vein and nerve grafts were evaluated regarding the organization of nerve fibers, nature of myelin sheets and connective tissue formation: while latent periods and amplitudes of each group were compared by electrophysiologic studies.

Results: Nerve regeneration was detected in all of the rats. Although the regeneration rates of the vein graft were lower than the nerve graft group at T‘ and 3ld months, ther were no significant differences between the groups at the 5,h month.

Conclusions: In conclusion, vein grafts were found to be reliable alternatives for the nerve grafts fon repairing wide nerve gaps in the long run.

Keywords: Nerve graft, vein graft, nerve repair.

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