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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 4

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8 - Hepatitis B and C Virus Infection Frequency in type II Diabetes Mellitus

Yahya Öztürk,Taner Baştürk,Fatma Çalka,Murat İçen,Bülent Öztürk,Sema Karul, Yüksel Altuntaş

OBJECTIVE: Assessing the relationship between type II Diabetes Mellitus and the frequency of Hepatitis B and C infections.

MATERIAL AND METHOD: Anti HBs, HBsAg, Anti HBc and Anti HCV markers were measured in 120 type II Diabetes Mellitus patients and 60 patients in the control group. The diabetic group was subdivided further depending on (I) any one or more of Anti HBs, HBsAg, Anti HBc and Anti HCV markers being positive or negative, (2) presence of HbsAg (HBs Ag positive or negative)and (3) presence of Anti HCV (Anti HCV positive or negative). The transaminase levels were compared between the groups.

RESULTS: The positive results in the patient and control groups were 8 (6.7%) and 3 (5%) for HBs Ag, 38 (31.7%) and 22 (36.7%) for HbsAb, 4 (3.3%) and 1 (1.7%) for AntiHCV, respectively. The results were not statistically significant. The transaminase levels were significantly higher in the marker positive group.

CONCLUSION: In diabetic patients, frequency of HBV and HCV infection was not higher than the non-diabetic group. But since these patients frequently require medical intervention, it is important to pay attention to the hygenic rules during the interventions and to screen for HBV and HCV infection in diabetic patients in case of transaminase level elevations.


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