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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 3

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12 - Treatment results of conservative surgical approach in upper urinary tract urothelial tumours and our clinical experience

Eyüp Gümüş, Muammer Kendirci, Kaya Horasanlı, Ekrem Yadigaroğlu, Gökhan Özmen, Cengiz Miroğlu

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate treatment results on conservative surgical approach in upper urinary tract urothelial tumours and clinical experience.

STUDY DESIGN: 9 of 17 cases who were evaluated retrospectively were applied conservative surgery (52.9%) or endoscopic approach. 4 of these underwent to partial ureterectomy and end to end anastomosis, 5 cases to endoscopic approach (fulgurusation, electroresection). 8 patients (47%) were performed simple nephroureterectomy or nephroureterectomy with removed out cuff from bladder.

RESULTS: One patient of 9 who applied conservative surgery or endoscopic approach was seen tumour recurrence (11.1%). The median follow-up and survival was 20 months in these patients. 2 of 8 patients who performed nephroureterectomy (25%) died because of the local invasion and other organ métastasés. The median follow-up was 16 months, the median survival was 10 months in these patients.

CONCLUSION: We had better results with conservative surgical approaches than nephroureterectomy procedure in cases low stage-grade upper urinary tract urothelial tumours.

Keywords: Ureter, Ureter tumour, Ureteronephrectomy, Transitional cell Cancer

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