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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 3

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6 - Early surgical procedures, rigid fixation and grafting in orbital and periorbital injuries

Lütfü Baş, İsmail Kuran, Kemal Uğurlu, Çağrı Sade, Ayşin Karasoy, Tuğrul Turan

OBJECTIVE: in this study our aim is to evaluate the cases with orbital and periorbital trauma which were treated in our clinic.

STUDY DESIGN:Forty two case with orbital and periorbital trauma which had been treated to Sisli Etfal Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department between the years 1995 to 1998 were examined retrospectively.

RESULTS: Twenty-one of them had been accepted directly to our clinic. Twenty-one one of them were treated by together with other clinics especially neurosurgery because of another system problems. in 18 case without another system problems, early surgical procedures were applied in the first 48 hours; Eight of cases who could not been applied early surgical procedures because of rhinorrhea, increase of intracranial pressure and other system traumas were applied combined procedures: dura repair,frontal craniotomy withfascia lata in order to support anterior cranial base. Basic principles applied in the treatment of cases can be summarized as early surgical procedures (in proportion in which other system problems permit), rigidfixation with mini, midi, micro p/ate, primary grafting for supporting columns. While rigidfıxation materials were used in approximately 90% cases, autologous bone grafts and medpor implant were used in 14% and 7% cases respectively. in 4 cases who were avoided to use early bone grafts and were treated in /ate period secondary surgical procedures were necessary.

CONCLUSIONS:Periorbital trauma, early surgical procedures can prevent to need secondary procedures.

Keywords: Orbita,fracture, rigidfixation, bone graft.

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