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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 3

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2 - Effectiveness of Finasterid-Doxazosin Combination to treat patients with Semptomatic BPH on whom the lnvasive lntervention can not be applied

Muammer Kendirci, Süleyman Özüpekçe, Eyüp Gümüş, Kaya Horasanlı,· Olcay Çiçekler, Cengiz Miroğlu,

INTRODUCTION: Research for the clinical effectiveness of Finasterid- Doxazosin combination on patients with syptomatic BPH who are unsuitable to performance statue surgical treatment due to internal disease or included in ASA 4 risk group with regard to anestzy.

MATERİAL METHOD: Total of 63 patients with semptomatic BPH who have IPSS over 7, below MFR: 10 mi! sec. and or below AFR: 8 mi! sec. participated in this research. They have been cured with Doxazosin 4 mg lxl, finasterid 5 mg lxl. Thirty of them have come f or the controls regularly in our following protocol. The medication had been started and 3days later urethral catheter has been removed. it had planned to follow with cystostomi tube if post miksiyonel rezidü (PMR) became over 150 mi. Controls has been done at the end of 3rd month, 6th month and 12th month. Clinical inspection, IPSS, uroflowmetri, PSA, ultrasonography has been performed in controls.

RESULTS: This research has been conducted on the total of 63 patients whose average age 73 and average prostate volume 51.8 11 patients had urethal catheter, just 1 patient couldn‘t urinate so this patient was followed via cystostomy. PMR were below 150 mi. in the rest 10 patients on the 3rd day. On the thirty patients, 30.3 % increase in MFR, 29.5 % reduction in AFR, 48.7 % reduction in IPSS obstructive symptoms, 40.5 % decrease in irritative symptoms and 39.1 % reduction in PMR, in 3rd month. in 6th month, 69 %reduction in PSA and MFR 23.0 %, AFR 20.57 % increased, Obstructive IPSS symptoms 41.02 % irritative 27.38 %decrease in prostate volume has been determined. After 1 year control, PSA 59 % decreased, MFR 6.7 % increased, AFR 20.57 % increased, obstructive IPSS symptoms 63.72 %, irritative 44.48 % and prostate volume 29.83 % decrease has been determined.

CONCLUSION: These results seems to similar with our prospective study which planned to investigate the effect of doxazocin treatment. it needs that finasterid should be discussed in that combination. But, we believe that the final conclusion on that issue may be provided with follow-up of comprehensive patient group.

Keywords: BPH, Prostate, Finasteride, doxazosin

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