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          VOLUME 34 / ISSUE 2

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12 - The Effect of Preemptive Analgesia On Postoperative Pain Control After the Artroscopies

G. Ulufer Sivrikaya, Ayşe Hancı, Nevşin Arda, Halis Enhoş, Melahat Erol

OBJECTIVE: We planned this study, to investigate the effectiveness of tenoxicam as an preemptive analgesic agent, on postoperative pain control after the arthroscopic procedures.

STUDY DESIGN: After the approval by the medical Ethics Committee, 40 patients in ASA I-II randomized into two groups. Patients in Group I received 20 mg tenoxicam intravenously before the operation. in Group II no medication was used. Pain was assessed with Visual Analogue Scale was (VAS) at the postoperative 1., 4., 8., 12. and 24. hours. 1 g metamizol sodium was given to the patients intramuscularly when they needed analgesia. The number of analgesic usage and total analgesic consumption was calculatedfor the postoperative 24 hours. Student‘ s t and Anova tests were usedfor the statistical analyses and p<0.05 was considered as significant.

RESULTS: VAS values were significantly lower in Group I at 1 ., 4. and 8. hours. There was not any significant difference at the postoperative 12. and 24. hours between the groups. Time to the first analgesic dose was significantly longer in Group I than Group II. Number of analgesic usage and total analgesic consumption was lower in Group I than Group II. The difference was significant.

CONCLUSION: We suggest that; tenoxicam is an effective analgesic agent when used before the arthroscopic procedures.

Keywords: Analgesia, preemptive, pain, postoperative, artroscopy.

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